Acceptance - full and unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the terms of this Agreement.

The contract for the retail sale of goods remotely (hereinafter also referred to as the “contract”) is the contract of retail sale concluded on the basis of familiarization of the Buyer with a description of the goods offered by the Seller via the Internet, which excludes the possibility of direct familiarization of the Buyer with such goods.

Order - an electronic document that contains information about the product selected by the Buyer, its cost, delivery address, name of the Buyer, contact information of the Buyer and other data provided for by the form of this electronic document.

Offer - a seller’s public offer addressed to an indefinite number of persons to conclude a contract for the retail sale of goods remotely (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”) on the conditions specified in this Agreement and the Seller’s website below.

Buyer - an capable individual who has the intention to purchase or acquires goods for personal use, not related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activity.

Seller - Individual entrepreneur, selling goods remotely on the Site.

Site - The official online store "GUZINI" in Russia - https://guzini.ru

Agreement - this agreement on the conditions of sale of goods.

Goods (goods) - goods that are offered for sale by the Seller on the Site and which the Buyer intends to purchase and / or acquire.


2.1. This Agreement, as well as the offer of the Goods in its description, is a public offer by virtue of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

2.2. When ordering and purchasing Goods on the Site, the Buyer agrees and accepts all the conditions set forth in this Agreement.

2.3. The place of sale of the Goods is the territory of the Russian Federation.

2.4. Seller reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement.

2.5. The Buyer agrees that the Seller has the right to entrust the processing of personal data to any third party at his discretion, subject to the requirements of the Federal Law, including the implementation by such person of confidentiality and protection of personal data. Consent to the processing of personal data and other above-mentioned actions is provided by the Buyer without limitation of validity.

2.6. This consent may be revoked only upon written notice by the Buyer of the Seller at least 30 (thirty) days before the expected date of termination of the use of data by the Seller.

 2.7. Disclosure of information in accordance with reasonable and applicable requirements of the law is not considered a violation of obligations. The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the Buyer on the Site in a public form.

2.8. All information materials provided on the Site are for reference only and cannot fully convey reliable information about the properties and characteristics of the Goods. If the Buyer has questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods ordered by him, the Buyer is obliged to contact the Seller for more information.

2.9. The Buyer agrees not to use the Goods purchased on the Site for entrepreneurial purposes.

2.10. All terms of shipment and delivery indicated on the Site, cost, availability in the warehouse and other information regarding the Goods in the Seller’s warehouse at the time of placing the Order.

2.11. Taking into account that the Seller uses the services of third parties to deliver the Goods to the Buyer, a prerequisite for placing the Order and its payment is the absence of objections regarding the reimbursement to the Seller of the cost of delivery of the Goods in the declared amount. Under no circumstances is the Seller obligated to document the cost of delivery.


3.1. The buyer, having the intention to purchase the Goods, fills out the Order form on the Site. Filling out the form on the Site can be done in two ways: with registration on the Site and without registration on the Site.

3.2. To register on the Site, it is necessary to fill out the form of the Customer Registration Card. The form of the Customer’s Registration Card contains mandatory information, in the absence of which registration on the Website is not possible. In order to register on the Site and then enter the Personal Account, the Buyer enters a username (login) and password. The Buyer has the right to unilaterally make changes to the information contained in the Customer Registration Card. The Buyer agrees to make the appropriate changes to the Customer's Registration Card on their own or to instruct the Seller about their change. The seller is not responsible for non-performance / improper performance of obligations in the event that this was a result of the provision of incorrect information by the Buyer.

3.3. The Buyer's order can be accepted by phone or placed by the Buyer on the Site.

3.4. The acceptance of the Order by the Seller is confirmed by sending a letter to the e-mail address indicated by the Buyer when placing the Order, as well as by the call of the operator of the Contact Center of the Seller.

3.5. The seller reserves the right to cancel the Buyer's order at the stage of its confirmation, if there are previous precedents for refusing to redeem placed orders, in the case of providing inaccurate personal data, when returning damaged goods or used goods by the buyer, as well as in the absence of the Buyer's response to the Seller’s telephone or written request to confirm the Order within 48 hours from the moment of placing the Order.

3.6. In the absence of the Goods ordered by the Buyer at the Seller’s warehouse, the latter has the right to exclude the specified Goods from the order or cancel the order, notifying the Buyer about it.